Quick Yogurt Hack!

Hello friends, This is just a short post to share a hack I recently discovered: As the baby starts solids, we have been giving her coconut milk yogurt (my babies generally don’t do well with dairy until they are almost a year old.) We discovered the GT’s brand Cocoyo, which has excellent ingredients and a…Read moreRead more

Why Jo Has to Marry Professor Bhaer

*Warning: below are thoughts on Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women. Spoilers abound, and, as an old boss of mine once said, I have very strong opinions about things that don’t matter. If you like the film, you do you.* There are many things that could be said (and some of them have been said)…Read moreRead more

Gathering Up the Fragments

Here begins a new feature (inasmuch as a blog with only four posts can have “features”) I’d like to call “Gathering Up the Fragments”. As homemakers, we have the duty to be frugal–as our individual family situations warrant–and so I’d like to share some successes and failures, specifically in the realm of food. Firstly, our…Read moreRead more

Because He’s Worthy

I pulled into the garage, parked the car, and nearly collapsed into hysterical laughter. “How was Mass?” My husband asked. Then, seeing me draped over the steering wheel, he said, “well, at least you can laugh about it…” It was our daughter’s name day, and our nearby parish (we attend two different Catholic churches; one…Read moreRead more

A Storied Recipe

It seems to me that, for those who cook at home, some recipes seem to “grow” stories. That is, for my family at least, some recipes are not just random things pulled from a cookbook or from the Internet. Whenever I make particular dishes for someone new, I must tell the story of this dish:…Read moreRead more

7 Quick Takes–Introduction, Blessings, and What’s Working Now

Hello, everyone! This is a new blog, and it’s been years since I’ve written anything…Hopefully this will go better than did my previous efforts. If you’re interested, bored, curious, or desperate to get five minutes away from your kids while you hide in the bathroom with your phone and the chocolate, read on. Firstly, an…Read moreRead more